You have always wanted to know more than just your weight when using a scale. How about your body fat, body mass index, or water, muscle and bone composition?

The QardioBase can do all these. The wireless smart scale is less than an inch thin (19.5mm) and can measure up to 396 Lbs (180kg). What adds to QardioBase uniqueness, is the fact that it smiles or frowns up depending on your weight progress, instead of numbers. This is called smart feedback and it is aimed at eliminating the fear of number people usually get when stepping on a scale.

[adsense300gray]It has a minimalist and elegant design. It made of a subtle acrylic stone which is warm to the touch. Using the companion app you have the possibility to input personal information which will be used by QardioBase to calculate all your measurements when you step on it. The entire family can use QardioBase as it can track an unlimited amount of users, monitoring their weight fluctuations so it’s also perfect for a hotel or gym. It also has a pregnancy mode for tracking weight, taking into account how far along you are and smiling at you instead of frowning at your extra pounds.

The smart scale sync syour stats with your iPad, iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. So if you’re wondering why it frowns at you, simply check what contributed to that by comparing your health data within Qardio’s app.

QardioBase is not just any scale, but one which encourages you to think about your overall health and not just your weight.