Your beard and hair are probably the most striking features. People notice the face first time they come in contact with someone. So why not make sure you provide the best care for your hair and beard?

The Barber Surgeons Guild (or BSG) provides premium quality hair care products. The subscription-based products will have you receive grooming products each month. The collection includes products used by master barbers around the world. Stuff such as shampoo, conditioner, pomade, hair serum and texturizing liniment are included.

Furthermore, all products come from exotic or natural extracts: coconut oil, Parsley Extract, and Keravis. Both the shampoo and conditioner are sulfate-free. No need to worry about dry skin. Caffeine blend improves hair growth while coconut oil makes it soft and shiny.

Various kits are available for purchase and BSG is promising big money savings for subscribers. The crowdfunding campaign has already reached its goal. However, there are plenty of perks left if you’re interested. Check the project out on IndieGoGo ($74+).

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