PNTHA Hi Cork Chocolate 2

Made out of one piece of Kudu classic leather, these shoes may look like chocolate, but they taste of meat. (No, they don’t really taste of meat, sheesh.) The Kudu, in case you weren’t familiar with the large yet graceful South African animal, is an antelope with strong tight skin. Both sides of the skin can be used, but the outer one often has scars and visible marks from living in the wild, hence this kudu skin has been coated with wax and ironed.

The sole has a rubber all weather tread, leather inserts, a laser cut logo, a natural cork toe bar and a square leather lace, with thanks to the design collaboration between FEIT and Vibram, who came together to make the FEIT Vibram 05 outsole used here.

PNTHA Hi Cork Chocolate 3