Let’s Talk Commando

There’s no secret ladies are attracted to army men. They mean uniforms, I know, but bear with me. What they like more is a man who gets things done. That’s not always easy to inspire. How many arguments do you have on that? Maybe you should have one in your wardrobe too. We talk about Palace collaborating with Arktis resulting in this Commando outfit.

In the word Commando itself lies the main reason you should get one: they are those special guys who’re called when everything goes wrong. You think it’s easy? It takes discipline and determination. If you got what it takes, keep reading.

The collaboration is born between a streetwear fashion company with accents and articles for snowboarding enthusiasts. Arktis is a military equipment specialist and both are coming from the UK. Arktis’ ArkAir project is the line under which these are coming out. The collaboration seems to fit in right at the perfect spot.

You can get the two things combined, a body uniform for a men ready for action and a disciplined and resolute military outlook. How many of you think they can pull this off? I think there’s more than plenty. Thing is, you don’t have to wear this day in and day out, but snowboarding and skiing season is happening right now. How about you turn some heads around in this, people like things that get out of the ordinary. Also, a camping trip in the woods, an afternoon out working in the garden, anyone should find it useful in the proper conditions. Try to make an impression with it, you will be noticed with a pleasant appearance.

Time To Get Down To Action

The collection is composed of combat trousers, tactical vests, bucket hats and the legendary smock jacket by Arktis, with a release dating back to 1980s. Each item is available in two different color schemes, one being camo and the other being full black.

I’d suggest you to go and have a look on their website. You might be the next owner of a piece or, who knows, a full set. But be quick, some of them will be turning sold out soon.