This article covers the Outer Banks Season 3 release date, cast, and streaming platform. Season 2 of Outer Banks, the American action-adventure mystery adolescent drama that aired on Netflix last year, shot to the top of the streaming service’s US rating swift. According to Nielsen data collected between August 9 and August 15, the program has officially become the most-watched on television. With 1,160 million views during its second season. It will very certainly do so in the future.

Release Date for Season 3 of Outer Banks

According to a claim from several sources September 2021, Outer Banks Season 3 would premiere in the middle of 2022. Making it the third season altogether. The third season will launch in the middle of 2022 if all goes according to plan.

Furthermore, the unnamed insider stated that the screenplay for Season 4 is already in the works. And according to Small Screen, the third season of Outer Banks is in the works and will debut on Netflix in 2022.

Shooting for Outer Banks Season 3 will resume in Charleston, South Carolina, from February 16 to August 19, 2022. With the first episode premiering on February 16, 2022 – to production listings. However, because filming dates are subject to change, it is anticipated that the current pandemic epidemic cannot cause any delays.Outer Banks Updates and Leaks

Who will come back for Season 3 of Outer Banks?

According to a press release received by What’s on Netflix: Jonas Pate, Josh Pate, and Shanon Burke will return as showrunners and executive producers as part of the renewal.

We also know that the following essential cast members will return for Season 3:

  • Chase Stokes
  • Madison Bailey
  • Jonathan Daviss
  • Madelyn Cline
  • Rudy Pankow
  • Austin North
  • Charles Esten
  • Drew Starkey
  • Carlacia Grant

“Outer Banks” filmed on the actual Outer Banks location?

You’d be correct if you were skeptical about the program getting filmed in the real Outer Banks of North Carolina after seeing palm palms and people taking a boat to landlocked Chapel Hill, North Carolina. That’s because it’s not true.

Netflix elected to relocate production sites to Charleston, South Carolina -after the state’s anti-LGBTQ “bathroom bill” became law. They penned it – Wilmington [North Carolina] was entirely on our minds. Netflix made the right move in insisting on diversity, and they stand by it wholeheartedly.

What Happened in the Outer Banks Season 2?

Season 2 of Outer Banks ended with a near-death experience for the Pogues, just like Season 1. The second season of the Netflix program focused on John B., Sarah, JJ, Kiara, and Pope as they searched for and recovered the missing Cross of Santo Domingo.

Outer Banks Season 2
Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer

The team covertly boarded the ship Coastal Venture and attempted to cross the Atlantic in the season finale. After a wild gunfight, they got defeated and escaped on a lifeboat. Although, the Pogues were – once again – left empty-handed, the episode finished on a good note as they rejoiced in their reunion and temporary safety. 

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