Check out Nike’s latest Tier Zero Release, made possible with a little help from Fox Brothers of Somerset England. I know it’s a little bit cold outside folks, but take a look at this classic Nike Destroyer Jacket. In my book, this is a must have item, with those tan leather sleeves and Fox Bros wool fabric, the quintessential English jacket. The pockets are also accented with the same tan leather, for an overall stunning result.

[adsense300gray]Besides this „as cool as it gets” jacket, the Tier Zero Release also brings you the Air Magma and the Dunk Hi. And no, that’s not your regular Chinese dish, but a nice piece of footwear, just take a look at the pictures!. Both shoes feature the same English wool fabric, courtesy of Fox Brothers with high quality tan leather applied on the heel, lace and swoosh. Obviously, this collection is a limited edition, so go get yours while it lasts. The prices are pretty hefty but if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should go for it. After all, it’s almost Christmas!

Nike Tier Zero

Nike Tier Zero 2

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Nike Tier Zero