[adsense300gray]Well, in my time, Nike used to make shoes, nice shoes, running shoes, no-nonsense shoes, if you know what I mean. Just go and see the movie Forrest Gump, you will understand what Nike used to be back in the day. Now, it’s 2014 and it looks to me that the company is trying to reinvent itself or their design team just discovered the benefits of LSD. At least,this is my theory after taking a close look at the Nike Aeroloft 800 Summit Jacket (sounds like a spaceship and looks like Alien skin) and the Lunarterra Arktos shoes. These things look like they were made by aliens for goth Predators and their names themselves sound like science fiction to me. I think that creepy guy from Hell Raiser, that dude with the needles in his face, was wearing shoes resembling the Lunarterra Arktos. Maybe this line of clothing is a homage to old school horror movies, I mean Hell Raiser-The Trilogy, reinvented by Nike. Sorry, I am ranting but this is how these things look to me. Anyway, if you’re into this type of design, just go for it, they’re not cheap by all means and you will feel better about yourself after buying them, mark my words!

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