We haven’t featured a sports gear/device in a while, so we thought it was about time to share with you this home boxing unit, that will allow you to stay indoors (and not outside, in the unbearable heat) and work on your beach body.

There are two versions of the Nexersys boxing unit, and with $4,000 as the price difference you’ll want to be careful with what you choose to buy.

The classic version (NXS-H) looks, at first sight, smaller and doesn’t seem as sturdy as the PRO one; that difference can be measured, as the NXS-H weighs 156 lbs, half of the PRO version’s weight. With this in mind, the classic unit is more suitable for family training, starting with young adults and beginners, while the Nexersys PRO has been adapted to better suit the avid exercisers.

Both units include a screen that features 100+ technique training videos and routines and unlimited 4-minute Avatar rounds, for 5 user profiles. While the original version has an 19″ screen, the PRO one includes a 22″ screen with iPro Touch Enabled Software. On-screen feedback factors in accuracy, power, reaction time, strike count, points, heart rate and caloric burn.

Some additional features of the PRO unit include leather pads instead of vinyl on the NXS-H, and a frame that adjusts to 6’8″, compared to 6’4″ on the Home.

Now, we’re not rooting for one or the other, but the difference in price is pretty high for leather pads, a bigger screen and more height. It’s up to you and your training level to choose which one suits you best.

The Nexersys PRO Unit can be purchased for $6,995.



The Nexersys Boxing System reinvents the boxing equipment like never before


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