The estimated net worth of Michael Kenneth Williams was $5 million. How much did he make per year? He made a lot of money in his career because he had a lot of success in his professional life. Throughout his career as an actor, he has relied on his acting skills to earn a living.

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Michael K Williams net worth: $5 Million

Net Worth  $5 Million
Date of birth 22 November 1966
Height  5 Ft 10 inches
Profession  Actor
Nationality American

As Omar Little on HBO’s The Wire, as Albert „Chalky White” Walker on HBO’s Boardwalk King, and as Nick Sobotka on HBO’s The Leftovers‘ second series, Michael Kenneth Williams is an American artist and has a net worth of $5 million.

Facts you should know about Michael K Williams net worth

  • On November 22, 1966, he was born in Brooklyn, New York.
  • The Wire‘ in the 80s made him famous for playing Omar Little.
  • He spent one year in India studying Buddhism, two years in Tibet training to become a monk, and then decided to become an actor.
  • He died on September 6, 2024
Michael K Williams wealth
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Michael K Williams net worth in 2024

The net worth of Michael K. Williams in 2024 was about $5 million. This is a comedian who achieved this fortune as an actor. His roles include a popular and famous character in the HBO drama series called „The Wire”. After it aired, he gained popularity in this show and later earned millions of dollars from it. However, he also performed many roles on other television shows, which finally helped him become a millionaire.

Michael K Williams net worth in the last three years

Year Net Worth
2024 $4 Million
2020 $ 3.5 Million
2019 $2.8 Million

Michael K Williams Early Life

Michael Kenneth Williams was born on August 29, 1969, in Baltimore, Maryland. His mother worked as a teacher mostly during the day and his father was a truck driver. Williams attended the Art Baltimore School  where he studied visual arts, theatre, and creative writing. He graduated high school and went on to Middle Georgia College but only lasted one year due to an injury. 

Following Morehouse College, he graduated with a degree in theatre from the University of Georgia. While at Morehouse, he also worked part-time at the student radio station WMAZ-FM 93.9.

Michael K Williams Life
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Michael K Williams Personal Life

In a 2016 interview with NPR, he described his childhood experience: „I wanted to act so bad that I learned how to mimic people, mimic behaviors.” 

In 2006, he married actress, Michelle Paress Jones. They divorced in 2009. Williams was in a relationship with actress and singer Sonja Sohn from 2007 to 2009. They have one child together, a son named Michael Todd Williams born in June 2008.

Michael K Williams Wealth

Michael K. Williams was an actor who’s been on the scene for more than 20 years. He got his start in the popular HBO series The Wire, which ran from 2002 to 2008, and has since appeared in Boardwalk Empire and several movies. It is estimated that he was worth $5 million.

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