Today you will find out Lil Pump Net Worth.

Lil Pump is a 21-year-old rapper who is best known for his breakout songs “Boss”, “Molly”, and “Gucci Gang”. He has been described as the “sound of the youth” due to the irreverent, unapologetic, and carefree attitude in his music. He is one of the youngest rappers.

In this article, we will go over Lil Pump’s entire journey to success in great detail.

Lil Pump Net Worth [2024]: $8 Million

Net Worth $8 Million
Date of birth Aug 17, 2000
Height  5ft 6in
Profession Rapper, singer, songwriter
Nationality American
Lil Pump Net Worth 2022

Some important things to know about Lil Pump

  • He is a rapper from Miami, Florida, and he is of Cuban descent.
  • He is only 21 years old.
  • He was expelled from high school.
  • He is signed to Tha Lights Global and Warner Bros. Records.
  • His biggest hit to date is „Gucci Gang”.
  • He’s released one mixtape, Lil Pump, and one EP, Harvard Dropout.
  • Lil Pump is best known for his song „Gucci Gang” which streamed over 350 million times on Spotify.

How did Lil Pump get rich?

Some people may know Lil Pump as a rapper, but he is a multi-faceted personality. He is an entrepreneur, actor, and producer. Lil Pump has been an entrepreneur since he opened his first lemonade stand at 10. The 21-year-old millionaire also has his own clothing brand and self-branded phone and has been building his wealth through his music.

Lil Pump Life

Lil Pump Early Life

The rapper is notorious for being an American rapper who gained popularity on the internet. He was born in 2000 in Florida. His father, Luis Garcia, was a drug dealer and his mother, Alejandra, was a Cuban immigrant. He has a sister named Fefe.

His grandmother raised him after his parents were arrested. He was a student at John I. Leonard High School. He was kicked out of school in the 8th grade, and the only life he knew was the street life.

Lil Pump Personal Life

With a million+ followers on Instagram, Lil Pump is one of the youngest rising stars in the rap game. His career took off when he became a fixture on the SoundCloud rap scene and has since released a handful of singles and one EP. His most popular single is „Gucci Gang”, certified platinum in the U.S. Lil Pump is not currently in a relationship. Still, rumours say that he is dating fellow rapper and singer Cardi B.

Lil Pump Wealth

Lil Pump’s earnings come from a variety of sources. In addition to his music career, he also earns money from endorsement deals, merchandise sales, and tour income. He is also reportedly in the process of launching his own record label.

Lil Pump is just 21 years old, and his net worth is sure to grow in the years to come. He is already one of the most successful rappers globally and shows no signs of slowing down.