Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper, singer, and songwriter with an estimated net worth of $18 million. The songwriter’s music is often described as Latin trap and reggaeton, incorporating rock, bachata, and soul elements. This article will provide Bad Bunny’s net worth and information about his life.


Bad Bunny Net Worth: $5 Million 

Net Worth $18 Million
Date of birthMar 10, 1994
Birth PlaceAlmirante Sur, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
Age28 years old
Profession Professional Rapper

Shortly after signing with Rimas Entertainment, Bad Bunny released his first studio album in 2018. „Oasis”, his second studio album, featured a duet with J Balvin and helped him gain widespread recognition.

Bad Bunny’s net worth: Facts to know before being shocked

  • Bad Bunny was not born wealthy, and neither were his parents.
  • There were no results for Bad Bunny in any bankruptcy searches.
  • Although Bad Bunny is not a billionaire, he has seen one of the most rapid leaps to stardom of any artist.
bad bunny wealth

Bad Bunny’s net worth in 2022

Bad Bunny’s net worth is presently estimated to be $18 million. That figure is undoubtedly impressive, given his meteoric rise to fame over the last three years. Bad Bunny’s climb to fame is the ultimate Cinderella story for an artist who got his start on SoundCloud while bagging groceries in Puerto Rico.

Bad Bunny’s net worth in the last three years

YearBad Bunny Net worth 
2024$18 Million
2021$18 Million
2020$15 Million

Bad Bunny Early Life

Benito Antonio Martnez was born in the Almirante Sur community of Vega Baja, Puerto Rico, on March 10th, 1994. He first encountered music when he was a child through his mother’s music, such as salsa, merengue, and ballads.

Bad Bunny was raised in a devout Catholic home and sang in the choir until thirteen years old. After stopping singing in the choir, Daddy Yankee and other artists immediately motivated him. He eventually started performing in front of his classmates in middle school. Because of an old photo of him with an angry look, while being forced to wear a bunny attire as a child, he took the stage name „Bad Bunny” at this time. Bunny the Bad is a devout Christian who credits his mother for keeping him from the streets as a child. 

Bad Bunny Relationship

Bad Bunny Personal Life

Gabriela Berlingeri is the current girlfriend of Bad Bunny. They met while dining with Bad Bunny’s family at a restaurant. Gabriela became a close friend and confidante in Bad Bunny’s professional and personal growth. Bad Bunny believes she provides him with emotional support when he most needs it. He is pleased that he did not allow himself to be distracted from pursuing his musical career and instead focused on his abilities. 

Bad Bunny Wealth

At the age of 28, the artist has already built a reputation. His success as a professional musician has made him wealthy and well-known, but he is only getting started.

Bad Bunny had traded in his premium Bugatti Chiron Sports 110 Ans for a 2003 Toyota Corolla, according to Hola. The sports automobile, valued at $4 million, even made a cameo at the Grammy Awards. But he’s not only spending his money; he’s also given $100,000 to children in Puerto Rico who are facing a variety of difficulties.