[adsense300gray]Welcome into your home a nice, friendly and very useful guest for securely storing all of your important data from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Let me introduce you to My Cloud, Western Digital’s way of making things safe and simple for you when needing a secure place for storing your important documents, photos, videos and stuff like that, a place which you can access from anywhere. To be more specific, it’s a hard drive that connects to the network from your home, coming with a dual-core processor and Gigabit Ethernet for granting you remote access to your data and offering fast transfers between it and your other devices.

My Cloud is compatible with your PC, Mac and smartphone or tablet, thanks to its free WD mobile applications that allow you to make direct transfers between your gadgets and the cloud storage. And not only that, this device is also able to connect to your camera via the USB 3.0 port. Also, it connects to your other cloud accounts, such as Dropbox.
Western Digital’s product takes good care of your things, as each user you create is password protected from sneaky eyes.

My Cloud is extremely user friendly and easy to install and offers 2 or 3 TB of data storage, which I think is more than enough for the average consumer.