Inspired by the very base of our existence, the atom, Muro Sneakers mix long lines and beautiful colors into a classy product. They reveal the purity and versatility of transitional metals while ensuring a long term, hard-wearing pair of shoes. Muro shoes com in two main collections, the Atom and the Metal. Each collection features five models. Each of the five models are designed with solid colors and different accents on the sole.


The clean lines and solid colors are just a pleasure to watch as they create the body and frame of thes sneakers. Also, this is only the very top of the iceberg. All 10 models have been manufactured using high quality material sourced in Europe, along with great technical details. Among others, lycra and coolmax abrasion resistant inner lining have been used in development of these shoes. Also, a single reinforced stich is there to ensure you will be able to wear Muro sneakers for more than just this season; unlike many other brands out there, Muro actually builds products for longterm use.

Getting help from experts in biomechanics field, Muro designed the closest you can get to a perfect clearance and toe level and heel level. Although industrially built, Muro sneakers are both resistant and comfortable; there’s no need to worry about abrasions on your feet due to poor materials or bad cushion placement. Above all that, they also look good enough to fit an extravagant clothing style.