Can your sports bottle, shaker or blender do this? Well, honestly, I’m sure I can convince my blender to charge my phone. Neither will someone convince me to bring my blender to the gym for that matter. However, MiiXR promises to mix (get it?) together these three elements a regular gym guy uses. It should fit in your backpack, but still leave room for a towel and gear.

On the outside, MiiXR boasts a large spout to provide spill-proof drinking. This is especially useful when you want to grab a sip during threadmill exercises. The vent hole in the cap lets you chug like an elephant after you’ve finished training.

The vortex blender inside MiiXR uses rounded edges for the blades, to keep nutrient integrity after mixing. Studies have shown that in some cases, sharp blades generate mechanical stress that diminishes the capacity of supplements.

Further down, this smart shaker provides an USB port attached to a 1500 mAh battery with enoyhh juice to charge you wireleas headdhones a few times. However, there is an integrated power cut-off which will ensure the shaker won’t bleed out of necesary power to mix your drink a few times.

MiiXR is available for preorder on Promixx ($25).