So, what is there more expensive and awesome to buy than a Batman suit and vehicles? Not even a yacht may compete with such awesomeness. Still, Migalo managed to offer an alternative to the large boats anyone (anyone from the top 10%) has by providing submersible yachts for their clients. Now they took everything one huge step forward, and are ready to give a full artificial island for anyone willing to pay the insanely high price.

Still, what’s the big deal? Elitists have been purchasing private islands for quite a while now, even paying huge salaries for maintenance works that live on the island, feeding the fish and cleaning the pool. Kokomo Ailand is artificial. According to Migaloo, its modular platform can be adapted to fit all the needs of their owners.


From a penthouse and a jungle deck to a freaking shark feeding station, Kokomo can be fit with basically anything. If it sounds like something taken out of a James Bond movie, then you’re right. Apart from the above mentioned features, owners can also enjoy an outdoor cinema, 2 large pools, a waterfall, a helicopter deck and a huge storage area.

Furthermore, if you are tired seeing the ocean from the same spot, Kokomo Ailand is able to move around. Yes, that is right; it is the first self-propelled island, available for purchase. The 117m long ultimate villain hideout can get herself in international waters, away from extradition treaties and other law enforcements. The price for all this exposure and at hand delight? Hard to tell since no official figure has been provided, but you can check Migaloo’s website to get an idea.







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