It was one of those „wait, there’s more!” moments delivered by Microsoft when it unveiled the Surface Book earlier this week. Since everyone looks at the product as being a MacBook Pro killer, taking a quick glance at the specs offered on the Surface Book makes everyone to be right. For the first laptop in their history, Microsoft did well; actually, it did a great job as you will see in the following lines.

The entire case of the Surface Book has been sprayed in magnesium, except for the incredibly smooth glass laminated trackpad. Microsoft’s Dynamic Fulcrum hinge offers a great deal of space between the screen and the keyboard when the laptop is closed. However, it looks great and thanks to its rounded shape, it makes it comfortable when carrying the laptop around, not hurting your fingers at all.


The super-premium laptop boasts a 13.5 inch display with a 3000×2000 pixel resolution, protected by the thinnest Gorilla Glass technology yet to be mounted on a laptop. 4K, anyone? With the specs of the Surface Book, it is fully achievable on this beast that doesn’t show a fang out in the spotlight. Beneath the case, the latest i5 and i7 CPUs are to be found, along with 1GB of video memory and either 8 or 16GB of RAM. Also, data will be stored on a 128GB to 1TB Solid State Drive.

As expected, when you’re tired of carrying it as a laptop (although the keys are very comfortable and also lit), you can detach the keyboard and continue using the Surface Book as a tablet.  The glass touchscreen is able to compute 10 touches at the same time, providing a great deal of possibilities both for the casual user as well as for the professional designer.