[adsense300gray]You know Babolat, those cool dudes specialized in sporting goods, especially tennis rackets and related stuff. Now, Babolat enters the high-tech age, with their Babolat Play app and the Play Pure Drive racket. You may ask, OK Chris, well, what’s the breaking news? Well, at least to me, this is the breaking news: now you can improve your tennis skills, with the special racket from Babolat and their uber-smart app. Basically, the Babolat Play Pure Drive looks like a regular racket, but it has some tiny sensors integrated into the handle that will give you access to tons of information about your game play. The data from the sensors is collected by your Pulse app, which is actually a dynamic interface that measures the „math” of your game play, i.e. how strong you hit the ball, your technique/ability, your endurance, how much energy you’re burning during play, you got the picture. After all the data is collected, the Pulse app will teach you tips and tricks in order to improve your tennis skills and became Boris Becker in no time. I mean, how cool is that folks?

Find out more about it onĀ http://www.babolatplay.com

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