From small wearables to likes of Peloton and Mirror, smart fitness has been a popular topic of conversation for a few years, but never has there been a device as smart as this.
Hailing from Perth, Australia and catering to those who are serious about an at-home fitness solution that pushes you to achieve serious results, there’s a new device in town. Lightweight and easy to store (no screwing into walls, no need for a dedicated room), this slimline carbon fibre platform packs real punch and is changing the resistance training game.

The V-Form Trainer by Vitruvian was named for Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous drawing of the ideal human physique. Fitting, as it is designed for building your perfect form. The V-Form Trainer is the brainchild of Jon Gregory, an applied physicist by education who was also previously a high frequency trader who forged a successful business ahead of the curve pack when the financial trading tool was first emerging. Gregory used his expertise in building complex algorithms that analyse behaviours and respond favourably to certain conditions laid the perfect foundation for his next solution.

So what is the V-Form Trainer?

The V-Form Trainer is a sleek carbon fibre platform, weighing in at just around 20kg. Two cables retract into the platform; each can provide 100kg of resistance. So, that’s up to 200kg of resistance in total. You can do hundreds of different exercise types and workouts across all muscle groups including squats, presses, curls, lifts. The adaptive force algorithm developed manages load, dynamically changing resistance to slash the time it takes to build muscle. The V-Form App connects with the Trainer to deliver a wide range of fitness classes and PT sessions, as well as track all performance data – for both your own insights and for the benefit of our trainers, who will adjust your programs accordingly.

Why did Jon want to revolutionise the conventional “dumb”weight?

It just doesn’t make sense that we are still pushing around static weight – it’s not measured anywhere near accurately enough or can take into account personal capabilities, so without professional insights and or diligently monitoring every small data point manually, you can’t ensure that you are getting the results that you want, or are doing the right thing for your body. In other words, unless you have a specific plan or a trainer who is making sure that your entire body is worked, the odds are high that you’re skipping something that you should be doing – or you may be doing too much of something else. With the V-Form Trainer, the algorithm keeps track of what you lifted before so you can keep progressing. It can feel if you need more resistance or less and it alters the weight as required. It even spots you to help you stay injury-free – if it assesses that you’re struggling to maintain a load, it reduces the weight. It really is the perfect way to train, in terms of both safety and analysis of your progress.

Why is variable weight better?

In addition to the adaptive weight load, the V-Form Trainer can vary the weight of the concentric to eccentric phases of movement. Eccentric training keeps the muscle in tension for the entire range of motion. This is not as easy to achieve with free weights, due to natural momentum, and conveniently you don’t need to stop to change your weight, as the device will do it for you. The benefits of eccentric training for strengthening, conditioning, burning fat at rest and more, have long been known by the pros. It’s time for everyone to have access.

How do the algorithms work? 

Velocity targeting adapts to the individual and subtle pauses to give the user control. There are also settings that can change the workout depending on what the user is trying to achieve. The device also uses intelligent algorithms to dynamically update resistance in real-time, giving you a workout perfectly tailored to your strength, allowing you to build muscle strength and tone faster than ever before.

How does the V-Form App work with the Trainer? 

The app is what makes the device truly personalized. You load your profile in and it’s where your performance data is stored. The device settings are accessed and managed through the app, according your various goals, and it’s where you can follow exercise instructions, classes and immersive training experiences.