Lil Durk announced in a video on his social media accounts over the weekend that he would be deactivating his Instagram account. Apart from saying he would regain his focus, the rapper gave no explanation for the deactivation.

“I’m finna disappear for a minute,” Lil Durk said. “Deactivating my page at eight o clock, it’s over with. I’m finna lock in, come back 1000 times stronger on some monster shit. Every time I pop back up, is that really him? Yeah.”

Later, he reaffirmed his position on Twitter with the words, „Ima take a break off this shit ima be back soon.”


While Lil Durk’s Twitter is still active as of publication, his Instagram page has been shut down. The Chicago native’s reputation has grown over the years, and that comes with a lot of factors that could advance or hinder his career. It’s not a bad idea to take some time away from distractions, especially if the objective is to advance.

Last month, Lil Durk informed his followers that he was considering turning off his social media accounts to focus on his upcoming album. Lil Durk revealed he would concentrate on the new project in the caption of a video he posted on Instagram showing him working in the studio.

He posted a preview of the unreleased song along with the message, „I think ima log out until the album.”