Men sometimes have a bad reputation for not caring about their general well-being, especially when it comes to activities perceived as feminine, like skincare. Men know that isn’t totally true, but that is an easy criticism to make.

Of course, a self-care item with a female scent tends to irritate the majority of guys. This is frequently the result of synthetic perfumes, which can make many men queasy due to the chemical mixtures in cleansers and lotions.

LATHER is for men who understand the value of giving their face and skin the correct care while avoiding extraneous floral and perfumed additions.

Your skin won’t become healthy and well-maintained as a result of those fake-smelling ingredients, and store-bought skincare products may potentially exacerbate allergy and skin sensitivities.

There are no parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, or colors included in any of the skincare products offered by LATHER, including the Daily Defense Facial Sunscreen, Australian Plum Night Crème, and Eucalyptus Foaming Foot Scrub.

Instead of relying on such artificial additives, LATHER explores the globe to identify the best rare components that can improve the texture and appearance of someone’s skin.

If purchasing high-quality yuzu from Japan, shea butter from West Africa, bamboo from India, and monoi and kukui nut oils from Hawaii are necessary to LATHER, then so be it.

While these premium ingredients provide LATHER’s products the potency a guy needs, LATHER’s attitude of full disclosure and transparency is ingrained with the conviction that only the best will do.

In addition to providing a complete dictionary of all terms used in their formulations on their website, LATHER wants their clients to understand the precise substances they use in each of their products. LATHER stands head and shoulders above many of its less open competitors because of its unwavering commitment to ensuring that clients are aware of the whole truth.

Additionally, LATHER won’t test its goods on animals or collaborate with facilities that use animals in any capacity.