Murder Mystery 2: Kissing Woes

Murder Mystery 2, the sequel to the hilarious comedy-thriller released in 2019, is finally coming to Netflix. Fans of the original film will be delighted to know that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston are reprising their roles as Nick and Audrey Spitz, respectively. However, this time around, the on-screen couple is facing a new challenge: the kissing scenes. In a recent interview, Sandler and Aniston opened up about their experiences filming the romantic moments and how they managed to make it work.

Adam and Jennifer share on-screen romance

Sandler and Aniston’s chemistry is undeniable, and the duo has been applauded for their on-screen pairing in Murder Mystery. However, when it came to filming the kissing scenes, things were a bit more complicated. Sandler revealed that he was nervous about kissing Aniston, as he didn’t want to make it awkward or uncomfortable for her. On the other hand, Aniston admitted that kissing scenes are always uncomfortable, but she felt comfortable with Sandler.

Despite the initial nervousness, Sandler and Aniston managed to deliver some steamy and romantic moments on-screen. They credit their friendship and trust in each other for making the kissing scenes work. Aniston revealed that they would joke around between takes and make each other laugh, which helped to break the ice. Sandler also praised Aniston for being a great kisser and making the scenes feel natural.

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Behind-the-scenes of smooching scenes

Filming kissing scenes can be awkward and uncomfortable, but Sandler and Aniston managed to make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Aniston revealed that they would discuss the scene and how they wanted to approach it before filming. They would also rehearse the scene a few times before filming, which made it easier to get into character and make the scene feel authentic.

Sandler also revealed that the crew was incredibly supportive and helped to make the filming process comfortable. They would use a „closed set” approach, which meant that only essential crew members were present during the kissing scenes. This helped to create a safe and comfortable environment for Sandler and Aniston to film the intimate scenes.

Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry in Murder Mystery 2 is sure to make audiences laugh and swoon. Despite the challenges of filming kissing scenes, the on-screen couple managed to deliver some steamy and romantic moments. Their friendship, trust, and professionalism helped to create a safe and comfortable environment, making the filming process fun and enjoyable. Murder Mystery 2 is set to be another hilarious adventure, and fans are excited to see what Sandler and Aniston have in store.

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