Since the constantly growing of USB technology, we have finally managed to avoid buying endless blank CDs or trying to get close enough to an infrared port to be able to transfer data between a phone and a laptop. Now, just use your USB cable, that is, if you do have a free port available.


The InfiniteUSB is a classic subject on „How didn’t anyone thought of this so far”. With the help of this gadget, you can connect multiple USB devices to the same laptop or computer port. While at first some will think they got enough USB ports to handle all their devices, we think that the owners of the latest Apple MacBook will be delighted to be able to fit multiple gadgets into their single port.

Vojotech is the manufacturer that supplies the cords that get together the InfiniteUSB plugs. According to Gonglue Jiang, design student and mastermind behind the project, cables from Vojotech are of high quality and give the air of Apple products. When it comes to the actual plugs, InfiniteUSB is compatible with the vast majority of USB devices. It is providing compatible devices for Apple Lightning, MicroUSB and Female USB.

Yet another problem that InfiniteUSB is solving is something that, although we might not give too much attention on the overall, it really bugs anyone on the spot: tangled cables. I’d rather run through lava than having to untangle USB cables until I can finally find the one I need. Using magnets, InfiniteUSB makes the two ends of the USB cable to stick together, not allowing it to tangle into a difficult mess.

InfiniteUSB 2

InfiniteUSB 1