Time is one of the most important commodities we have. You can’t get it back. Are you rushing through the day, scrambling to get everything done on your to-do list? I can be like this but lately I’ve been trying to relax a little more by using my time a bit more wisely and by being a bit smarter in how I use it.

Have you watched the movie ‘In Time’ ? It’s a world in which the currency is not money but time, people pay for food, housing, transport with time taken from the lifespan and they also get paid in time at their jobs by earning time towards their lives. When I saw it I thought that it was such an interesting concept. I mean obviously it would suck to have to live like that but it really made me think about how you would utilise every single minute of your existence !

We only have a certain amount of time on this expanse of dirt and none of us know when it will end for us, but a lot of people act like they are going to live forever. We act as if “Oh yeh I can do that tomorrow” or “I’ll do that when I’m older and have more money”.

Your putting your life on the shelf expecting it to never have a ‘use by date’.

We get into the way of thinking that there will be always tomorrow to do things and maybe there always will be but only for a certain period until the day you die.

“Are you just existing or are you taking life by the balls and telling it how you’re going to live ?”

Are you living the life you want ? Are you letting time slip away ? Why ???

I hate seeing people waste, whether it’s food, money, friends or time. Stop saying no to yourself and start allowing yourself to do the things you want to do. Put the money aside, take the time to really learn something and absolutely chase it till you can chase it no more.

Your life is not meant to be lived just ‘surviving’. What is the use of saving everything for the end? We are not all going to live forever, as bad as it sounds some of us are going to live very short lives.

I kind of love, but also hate the saying “Live every day as though it were your last”.

If it was our last day we wouldn’t go to work or we wouldn’t wash those dishes or wouldn’t spend that last $500 on a mortgage repayment. But then I like the saying because it makes us think about what we are doing each day and whether it’s what we want to be doing.

I prefer my saying;

“Live your life so that when you’re on your death bed you can look back and say you didn’t waste it”.

[adsense300gray]Not the best flowing quote but hey I just made it up now!

Start making your days better by asking yourself if what you’re going to do today is something that you’d really like to do. There will always be the shitty stuff that we don’t want to do but there should be something in EVERYDAY that we enjoy doing, be it doing exercise, reading a good book or blog, writing, going to a job you like, meeting a friend or family member, having sex, a hobby of yours or a sport you love.

This needs to be done EVERYDAY. We all need stimulation and motivation, we can’t do something that we don’t like for very long before we start going mad.

Do this exercise : Log your time everyday for a week to see where all your time is going. EVERYTHING. This means the time brushing your teeth, eating, working, talking, watching tv and looking at Facebook, sleeping, having sex, showering etc.

Log it all just for a week and take a look at how much you’re wasting and how much you’re utilising. I’ll guarantee it will surprise you as to how much time is really spent wasted.

Life is not meant to be achievement after achievement, we need time to relax and smell the roses but if you’re not making the most of it and you can never get it back, will you be happy with yourself ?

Take life by the balls, tell it what you want to do and just really enjoy it. Don’t waste your time on this earth. Spend your time well and ask yourself each day; “Do I want to do this ?” or would I rather be doing something else with the limited amount of time I have here ???


This post is written by Adrian. He left his job in October 2013 to go on a bucket list around the world. Check out his blog to lear out more about The LifeStyle Compound