Some of us are great at remembering faces of people we’ve met and some of us do better with names – but even the best of us have days when our memory just won’t give us what we want. The Humin phone app is now available to help you in those awkward moments.

The independent (as in not an Apple product) app is actually a contact manager which allows you to keep track of the people you meet in a natural way, with functions that imitate the human thought process. When you add a person to your contact list, the app will cross-reference data about that individual from your email, calendar, phone contacts, Facebook and LinkedIn, and displays a rather detailed profile to help you interact more efficiently. It retains information like when or where you met someone and allows you to search by terms such as „met at (place)”, „works/ed at (company)”, „friends with (person)”, similar to how you would remember that person, using only bits of information. Needless to say, Humin doesn’t sort your contacts alphabetically, instead it uses criteria such as people you’ve recently emailed to create an updated list.

[adsense300gray]The app can also be used for dialing and texting, with the promise that the company doesn’t story any of your private information. They have a strong policy regarding this issue, which they suggestively called Humin Rights, assuring us that their servers don’t receive any of the valuable personal data that could later be sold to third parties.

In terms of compatibility, Humin requires at least iOS 7.0 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is optimized for iPhone 5 and is available to download for free on iTunes. You can also sign up for the Android Beta Release on the Humin website.