[adsense300gray]We live in a world that sadly grows more and more ill couch potatoes, even if it takes only 30 minutes of walking per day for helping your body keep healthy and fit. If you want to reach that value and even exceed it, the Human application for your iPhone helps you and keeps count of your movements, displaying the amount of time that you’ve moved in a day and how much you need to move for achieving the “Daily 30” goal.

The Human application is a simple, user friendly activity tracker and it’s also free, thus being aimed at everyone interested in monitoring their movement during a day, without wanting a complex activity tracker that costs money and is designed for those who actually work out and schedule their time. No, the Human is as simple as it gets and has an attractive looking user interface that’s also animated, so you’ll love using it.

The Human application only needs you to set it up once and, after that, it will track your movements when you’re outside biking, running or just walking, keeping count of your speed, the distance and duration of your activities and all of these without having to launch it every time you want to log your movements.

Even if Human is currently available only for iOS based devices, an Android version is expected to come soon for encouraging more and more people to be active and keep healthy.