Push aside your preconceived notions about the creative process. Apparently, you need a canvas or a pencil but, in fact, all you need is your hands. Optimized for artists or designers, HP’s new Sprout is the first of its kind, the ‘Blended Reality’ machines, brought to us while defying computing traditions.The basic principle of Sprout is to be used with your fingers, to innovate the basic principles of graphic work. It’s meant to do so while blending physical and digital reality.

[adsense300gray]Perceived as an all-in-one touchscreen PC, Sprout has a 23-inch touchscreen display and an interactive touch mat, but its main innovative feature is a projector which uses a 3D scanner/camera to scan or photograph objects directly into the PC. Objects placed in front of the PC are photographed or scanned . The subsequent digital content can be interacted with on the mat, moving the scanned images around or resizing them. Resulting images can be displayed and further manipulated on the monitor.
Sketched or written ideas are captured by sensors in the spill-resistant mat. If you need to type things, the system will also project a touch-sensitive keyboard down onto the mat.

An actual revival of a more futuristic king’s Midas legend, Sprout is the irrefutable proof of how physical reality has turned out to be, after all, an interface of the digital reality and not the other way around.