New Year, New Me

How many times we heard this before, guys? It’s not even an expression anymore, it’s just some old cliche, we keep asking ourselves each year when are we finally going to stick to one of them. We discussed about this a few times before, and we think it’s about time we make some real progress. Here’s a short list of what a couch potato should stop doing.

1. Experience More

It’s a beautiful world outside, full of things to discover and master. Now, you probably think we mean the wilderness of the green forests and the summer rain. No, we mean it more as an inspirational “guideline”: there is so much you’re missing because of all those lame excuses, like “I’m tired”. We all are, but find your own rhythm and make time to go to the gym, take a walk at sunset or learn how to shop healthy foods. You name it, all you need to do is be ready to make a change.

2. Don’t Waste Your Talent

There has to be a sport you’re good at and you like. Practicing a sport is not only about the six pack, it’s about the fun, the thrill you get when leaving the court. If you’re itching to come back and do it all better, well, that one is for you. Be competitive and don’t give up. The only place where you should stay hungry, metaphorically speaking, of course, is in sports. It is also a great opportunity to meet new people and make good friends. So don’t waste your talent, find and feed your inner champion.

3. Set Your Priorities Straight

Make a list at first. A list of the things you do and then make another one, with the things that make you happy. Compare the two and see if there’s any change you see fit. Also, fit is what you should want to see in the mirror, so try an approach to that as well. Speaking of happiness, sport releases endorphins, the molecules of high spirits. By adapting the two lists, you will live a healthier, longer, happier life.

4. Eat Better

Stop the pizza intake late at night. That’s not you, face it. Eating better and looking better go hand in hand. At the same time, eating better is the opposite of eating more. Enjoy your food, diversify it and never forget to refine your tastes. Innovate in the kitchen, as in start to cook your own meals. We’re not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t drop or acquire, but be sensitive, you only have one body, so treat it with respect.

5. Give Your Couch A Real Purpose

Your couch is there for you when you need it and you think it understands you best. But, only in case you have forgotten, couches are not made for that. On the couch is where you take a power nap between work and gym and where you play some Xbox with your little brother. Nothing more, OK? Being on the couch all day not only doesn’t make you happier, it makes you feel alone and undervalued. So, start sleeping, not just wasting time.

6. Take It Slow

You don’t have to do all the changes today. Because, if so, there is a very high degree chance you will not adhere to the new lifestyle. You have to take baby steps at first, the difference will be notable only when you look back, in retrospective. Don’t expect anything spectacular, take it slow and everything will come out as natural.


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