We all know it. It’s that little voice that keeps getting smaller and smaller as anti-cancer ads occupy more and more of the cigarette pack. The little voice that tells you that you should probably stop it with that nasty habit of yours, because you’re causing harm to more than just yourself, you selfish bastard. But how can someone that’s been exposed to threats and warnings against smoking ever take them seriously? We are so used to them that they’ve become background noise to our polluted ears.

Whether you’re the smoker that wants to quit or a concerned friend or family member, you should know the basic attitude towards a healthier, smoke-free lifestyle. Let’s start with a few myths, demystified.

#1. Smoking is NOT sexy. I don’t care what those bad boys and girls in the movies say or do, smoking is only a damaging habit that will turn your so-called sexy attitude into coughs and ashtray-smelling clothes and hair.

#2. Smoking will NOT get you friends/laid faster. Yeah, you might want to try the „let me light that for you, ma’am” as a viable pick-up line, but what you’re actually saying is „wow, I’m glad I can help you die faster.” Not cute. Offer the lady a smile instead. (While you still have teeth.)

If you’re a smoker and a loved one notices that you’ve started to exaggerate with your tiny addiction, they’re probably right. If they voice their concerns, listen to them. It’s highly likely that they’re worried and want you to keep your health before anything permanent happens. Like, you know, cancer. Then the money spent on cigarettes will end up being spent on chemo. How’s that for sexy and fun? Will you still need to smoke then? Are you sure you need to smoke now? Nobody needs to do anything, and if you give into an addiction that’s clearly wrecking havoc in your body, then you’re not only harming yourself, but the ones around you. If nothing can persuade you to quit for your own sake, then start thinking about your family and friends dealing with you on your sickbed. Think of all the places you won’t get to see because of this. Think of the mountains you can’t climb because you’re out of breath all the time. This isn’t a motivational speech. This is a little piece of truth that smokers refuse to see, saying that they need to smoke to relieve stress. You know what else relieves stress? Sex. Do that instead. Eat a carrot. Pet a dog. Whatever, just lay off the drugs.

Yes. Nicotine is a drug. Deal with it.

If nothing else works, seek the help of a local support group or therapist. Acupuncture and hypnosis usually work well in helping to curb the craving, while 1 ml of Oat Oil a few times a day can achieve the same results.

Do your best and cripple the tobacco industry. God knows they’ve done more harm than good.

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