It’s summer and you’re thirsty. All you can see in front of you is a tall, cold brewski. But you’re in Burkina Faso and the locals only speak, I don’t know, their language, whatever that is, I think it’s French, among others like Foula, Dioula and other stuff I gave up trying to pronounce.

So, all you have on you is your beloved iPhone and hopefully some cash. What do you do, how do you get yourself a beer? How do you ask for directions to the nearest shop in the jungle?

Well, boy, do I have good news for you! Now, there is an iPhone app out there for all of you beer lovers.It’s called Pivo (Croatian for Cold Beer). These Croatians have the best beer in the world (so they say) and they are so cool that they have a special word for “a cold one”, figure that out!

Anyway, moving along, the Pivo App is available in the Appstore just a click away from here and it permits you to order beer in the native’s languages, it come with correct spelling and phonetic pronunciations, along with video tutorials in order to help you get your beer when abroad.