What a great time to be jolly, people, isn’t it ? It’s that time when our body and mind collide with the eggnog, the hot chocolate and all the sweet treats we desire. But this all means some few extra pounds, which translated means extra trouble.

Look, the construction of your summer body begins now. And by now, I mean not Monday, not the day after tomorrow, not after Christmas or anything else that might give you a reason to slack. Holiday Season Is Not A Reason To Slack.

The first thing you can do, which is today, is to make up your mind, create a workout schedule and stick to it. Apply the things you wanted to do for yourself for a long time now. So let us help you in your endeavor. We are here to present to you a list of the best sports & exercises for you on this snowy season.


Snowboarding is not only a good exercise for your body, but also for your image. Think of how cool every chick finds snowboarding to be. Learning it is easier than skiing and you burn up to 480 calories per hour while riding.  You get to work out the abdominal muscles for balance and ankle plus foot muscles for steering. Snowboarding is also a great reason to visit as many winter resorts you can find (also on our blog).

Ice Skating

Why so? Because Ice Skating it’s about socializing. Mingling. Spending a night out with the dear ones, your family, your friends or the girlfriend. Just make sure you stay safe at all times. Skating is an all-around exercise. You get to work out on kind of every muscle group there is. You also get to improve your agility and your balance. Even as a beginner, you get to burn a lot of calories. The longer you do it, the more endurance you’ll obtain. Like this, you burn faster and you burn more.

Down Hill Skiing

Adrenaline pumps and makes you feel warm thought the white season. Down hill skiing is for the bad boys who don’t care what others say. In only two or three minutes you get to work out basically everything there is. Hamstrings, the thigh, calf, hip and foot muscles. Also, the abdominal muscles or arms receive some attention too.

Go Running

You might say I’m crazy. Not even close. Running in winter is the best way to maintain what you already obtained during fall regarding your form. It’s a great way to start a cold January morning, a boost to make your day at work better. While running, you will not feel the cold outside. Of course, don’t forget to dress appropriately and stay hydrated.

Hit The Gym More

It’s in the winter when you want to get to the gym and master its secrets. You can plan a schedule and make all your efforts pay when the right time comes. Try to maintain a determined and positive attitude and never forget to be patient. You should pay extra attention to cardio and weight loss work outs if that is necessary. Find your perfect mix and give green light right away. Find a friend to help and assist you during the time at the gym. There is a strong chance that by this, you will adhere more to this recipe of success.

Also, you should get into spending more time at other sports which can be usually played inside a gym, like basketball or swimming. Even if you never tried any of them before, you might fall in love and be hooked forever.

Take Great Care At What You’re Eating

Nutrition is important throughout your entire life. But it’s in winter when everything matters more. What you decide to teach your body in the winter will be the way it’ll act out in the summer. If you teach it to be responsible now, it will adapt and give you less reasons to reject a day at the beach.

Whatever you decide to do with your spare time during this holiday season, remember not to use it as a reason to slack and forget that the modern man needs a modern shape, which takes time and practice.


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