Halle Berry, the acclaimed American actress, has been making headlines recently. Rumors have been circulating that Berry was set to star in Disney’s upcoming live-action adaptation of „The Little Mermaid.” Fans of the beloved classic have been overjoyed at the prospect of seeing Berry take on the iconic role of Ariel. But, as it turns out, these rumors are just that – rumors. Halle Berry has come out to clear the air and set the record straight.

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Halle Berry Debunks Little Mermaid Rumors

In a recent interview with ET Online, Halle Berry revealed that the rumors of her playing Ariel were completely false. She stated, „I’m not going to be Ariel. It’s going to be a beautiful young woman that’s going to do it.” Berry went on to explain that while she loves the original animated film, she has no plans to be a part of the live-action remake.

Fans of the actress can rest easy knowing that Berry won’t be taking on the role of the mermaid princess. While it’s always exciting to see talented actors take on iconic roles, Berry’s fans can continue to look forward to whatever projects she has in store.

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Oscar Winner Sets the Record Straight

Halle Berry is no stranger to success. As an Oscar-winning actress, she has proven time and time again that she is among the best in the business. With such a storied career, it’s no surprise that fans have been clamoring to see her take on new roles. However, in this case, it seems that the rumors were simply too good to be true.

Berry’s fans can take solace in knowing that the actress is still as talented and beloved as ever. While she won’t be starring in „The Little Mermaid,” she has plenty of other projects in the works that fans can look forward to. As always, Halle Berry continues to be an inspiration to fans and aspiring actors alike.

While fans may be disappointed that Halle Berry won’t be taking on the role of Ariel, her recent comments have put the rumors to rest. The actress has proven once again that she is a class act and a consummate professional. With her talent and poise, we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. Whatever projects she takes on in the future, we know that she will continue to inspire and entertain audiences around the world.

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