Time, time, time. Where is it? Where does it go? No matter how hard we try to be efficient and rely on technology, time remains annoyingly elusive. Indeed, one of the biggest factors that people cite as an impediment to a healthier lifestyle is a lack of time. The good news, however, is that you don’t need to spend hours slaving away on a treadmill or using weight machines. With the right set of ingredients, you can get results just by doing a 30-minute workout! Read on to discover what you need before you get started.

Have the Right Equipment

Whether you’re at the gym or in the local park, you need to make sure you have access to the exercise equipment you will require. What you need will depend on what areas of your body you want to target. Don’t forget that you can use your body weight in a variety of moves too. Always start your workout by stretching out all your muscles. Resistance products such as
bands, gymsticks, shoulder pulleys and flex bars are all great for this – if you’re not familiar with these items, check out the websites of specialist supplies such as Optomo (www.optomo.com.au).

Be in the Zone

If you really want to get the most out of a short workout, you need to bring your A-game. That means being mentally switched on and prepared to get down and dirty. Having the wrong frame of mind, where your heart just isn’t it, will lead to you getting easily distracted and doing things half-heartedly. Don’t wonder why you’re not getting results if you’re not putting in the hard yards!

Stay Hydrated

For maximum performance, your body must be a well-hydrated machine as lower levels of H2O can lead to dizziness, fatigue and cramps. In reality, we should all be drinking plenty of water every day, but if you have a workout planned, make sure you drink an extra amount in the hours leading up to the session. The last thing you want is to be taking time-outs due to severe cramping.

Combine Cardio and Weights

For a well-balanced session, it’s always best to incorporate a little from Column A (Weights) and a little from Column B (Cardio). Not only does this mean you’ll be getting the best of both worlds, but you’ll be keeping your body guessing and shocking it into a healthier version of itself.

Consider a Circuit

A great way to make sure you keep moving and get that variety of exercises is to plan a circuit. Know in advance exactly what moves/machines you want to use and how many repetitions you’ll be doing. Move swiftly from one to the other, staying focused and maintaining a solid technique throughout the session.

Are you time-poor? What other tips do you think belong on this list? Whether you’re a long-time fitness fan or a novice when it comes to workout induced sweat, share your suggestions, personal experiences and challenges by commenting in the section below.