The attitudes toward many ingrained beliefs are shifting in this brave new world. For instance, not very long ago, it was assumed that guys weren’t particularly interested in things like skincare. Of course, nobody wants to look bad. So, investing in skincare is important too.

The perceptions, that men don’t invest in skin care, even those that may have been true in the past, aren’t quite consistent with reality now.

So it’s important to pay attention to changing trends when most men under 65 cite their skin’s appearance as the main justification for adding a new grooming product to their regimen.


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Geologie recognized this transition and developed a personalized skin care procedure that hits men where it counts: with utter effectiveness and no-brainer ease.

Geologie’s face care specialists came up with a daily regimen that takes almost little time and is nearly impossible for a guy to mess up.

Users complete Geologie’s quick 30-second diagnostic quiz, the findings of which reveal the precise skincare issues that each guy has.

Geologie then creates a four-step daily skin care method tailored specifically to each guy’s face using the information it has gleaned from these characteristics and mails it right to their door.

The 30-day trial supply of clinically-proven products packed with powerful skin cleansers and revitalizers work to improve a man’s face and can address concerns like dry or oily skin, pimples, eye bags, wrinkles, and more with two minutes of application in the morning and another two minutes each night.

Men who are eager to revamp their skincare regimen can visit the Geologie website, complete the brief examination, and then receive their free 30-day trial supply of specially formulated Geologie products. New customers can receive their trial set for as little as $20 and save up to 40%. Men investing in skincare is the new norm.