This is the Original Friday Inspiration series – amazing things that we handpicked to inspire you. This week’s post theme is UP IN THE SKY.

What do you see when you look up? How does it feel like to look around from up above?

Looking up at the sky can be frightening. You may feel insignificant in comparison to what is going on around you. But try to see things from a different perspective. Consider how far or high man has progressed. On the other hand, contemplating the shapes, colors, and shadows above you may bring you peace.

The images below will show you how to look at things from different perspectives. It doesn’t matter how far you are or how high you are. You will always be lower than something, and something will always be higher than you.

Hit the play button and let go UP & UP:

„Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore
„Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey complete.” – Chanda Kochhar
„The sky is the daily bread of the eyes.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
„You cannot look up at the night sky on the Planet Earth and not wonder what it’s like to be up there amongst the stars. And I always look up at the moon and see it as the single most romantic place within the cosmos.” – Tom Hanks
„The brain is wider than the sky.” – Emily Dickinson
„Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” – Coco Chanel
„Hey sky, take off your hat, I’m on my way!” – Valentina Tereshkova
„No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky.” – Bob Dylan
„Keep your nose out the sky, keep your heart to god, and keep your face to the raising sun.” – Kanye West
„There is one spectacle grander than the sea, that is the sky; there is one sp” – Victor Hugo
„I always believe that the sky is the beginning of the limit.” – MC Hammer
„Excuse me while I kiss the sky.” – Jimi Hendrix
„Look at the sky; remind yourself of the cosmos. Seek vastness at every opportunity in order to see the smallness of yourself.” – Matt Haig
„Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor.” – Bill Shankly
„Two things awe me most, the starry sky above me and the moral law within me.” – Immanuel Kant
„And when the day arrives I’ll become the sky and I’ll become the sea and the sea will come to kiss me for I am going home. Nothing can stop me now.” – Trent Reznor
„The sky is love’s muse.” – Walter Mercado
„Late afternoon on the West Coast ends with the sky doing all its brilliant stuff.” – Joan Didion
„The sky’s the limit if you have a roof over your head.” – Sol Hurok
„In age of consumerism and materialism, I traffic in blue sky and colored air.” – James Turrell
„The sky is the source of light in nature – and governs everything.” – John Constable
„I’ve never seen a moon in the sky that, if it didn’t take my breath away, at least misplaced it for a moment.” – Colin Farrell