If you’re getting ready for going to the beach, I bet you need some flip-flops. Silly question, but do you also love beer ? I bet you’ll be craving beer too, especially when feeling your body warmed up by the sun and hearing the water nearby.

[adsense300gray]Flip-flops and beer are the biggest must have’s on your “beach thingies” list, you know. Well, if needing these two, check out some awesome flip-flops that may seem kind of regular, at first glance, but wait till you see what they actually hide. The 4 layers of EVA foam (which is very durable and will take good care of your feet) are imprinted with one message for each foot: “FOLLOW ME” for your right and “BRING BEER” for the other. Pretty cool, huh ?

The idea is nice and while it won’t guarantee you beer, it’ll definitely bring some smiles on people’s faces. And, who knows, maybe you get lucky and someone with a good sense of humor decides to find you and bring a little bottle/can of joy. That would be cute, wouldn’t it ? Maybe the beginning of a beautiful friendship even.
The flip-flops are also available for women, but won’t be so exciting for ladies like my girlfriend, for example. They should really make some “Bring lots of sweets/orange juice/fruit salad” pairs or something like that, it’ll really hit the spot for our picky better-halves.

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops 2

Follow Me Bring Beer Flip Flops


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