A piece of jewelry born from the collaboration of AETHER Apparel company and luxury eyewear brand Salt Optics, the Explorer Sunglass is a staple example of contemporary design.

Created with the motorcycle rider in mind, the Explorer Sunglass feature an all titanium frame, including nose pads, which provide sturdiness and flexibility, especially when they have to be put on or taken off while wearing a helmet.

They are also fitted with a windshield going round the lens, which extends on the sides to provide more than 80 % protection from lateral wind and sunlight without blocking the peripheral vision, thanks to well placed holes.


The lenses are treated to provide two filters, one through polarization, which helps reduce glare, and one is a photochromic filter that darkens the lenses when the sunlight is too strong. The inside of the lenses is coated as well for added glare reduction.

The other option is a polarized lens with a flash mirror finish, but in this case, the benefit of the photochromic filter is traded for a more classic sun-wear look and an improved sunlight reflection, thanks to the metalized coating.

The Explorer Sunglass targets both men and women and comes in four combinations of frames and lens colors, some geared more towards men and sports activities and others which are shinier, but all equally exquisite in their good taste and style.

The Explorer Sunglass manages to set itself apart from the plethora of so called pro sunglasses made out of plastic and is in its element, both in the city and even on a safari.