Sometimes you encounter lavishness that’s so outstanding, it shocks you to your very core. With the most expensive house in America up for sale right now, this is definitely¬†one of those times. The House, located at 924 Bel Air Road, was just listed at 250$ Million Dollars, which blew the last record of 192$ Million out of the water. However, for the lucky buyer, you really have to want for nothing once you acquire it. The Specs on the house are as follows:

-38,000 Sq Ft.
-2 Elevators
-12 Bedrooms
-21 Bathrooms
-3 Kitchens
-6 Bars
-Spa Room
-Bowling Alley
-Fitness Center

and more! As you search through the house, you find more and more things to help occupy your time. Essentially when asked why he built it the way he did, the developer had this to say. „I wanted to build a Mega yacht, but on land”. It seems that with all the money and work that went into this place, they’ve more than succeeded.