The World Cup is a time of excitement, passion, and intense competition. For England, it was a time of heated disappointment as they fell to France in a controversial loss. This loss had many England fans feeling outraged and ready to vent their frustration in any way they could. It seems that the referee was the target of much of this anger, as Wikipedia was bombarded with scathing comments about his performance.

Referee Gets Roasted!

The referee in this game was a man by the name of Pierre-Louis Gruaud. Unfortunately for him, his decisions during the game were not well received by the English fans. Many felt that he had made questionable calls that had cost England the game. His name became a trending topic on social media, with many people using the hashtag #gruaudout to express their dissatisfaction with his performance.

But it wasn’t just on social media where Gruaud was targeted. Fans took to Wikipedia to voice their opinions, with one user commenting that “Pierre-Louis Gruaud should be ashamed of himself for his biased officiating.” Another user added “The referee was clearly influenced by the French team and their antics. It’s a shame that the game had to be decided by poor refereeing.”

England Fans Take to Wikipedia

The Wikipedia pages of both Gruaud and the England team were flooded with negative comments from disgruntled fans. Many users took the opportunity to vent their frustration and express their disappointment with the game’s outcome. Some went as far as to call for Gruaud to be stripped of his refereeing license, while others simply wanted to express their dissatisfaction with his performance.

It’s clear that the passion and loyalty of England fans knows no bounds. Even when their team falls short, they still find ways to support and defend them. In this case, that meant taking to Wikipedia to voice their opinions and hold the referee accountable for his actions.

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After Loss to France

Despite the controversy surrounding the game, England fans can still hold their heads high. Their team played with heart and determination, and they fought until the very end. It’s this kind of spirit that makes the World Cup so special, and it’s what keeps fans coming back year after year.

As for Gruaud, he might have to endure a few more days of harsh criticism and angry comments. But in the end, he’ll move on to his next game, hopefully with a better performance and a more positive outcome. And for England fans, they’ll continue to support their team through thick and thin, knowing that they’ll always have each other’s backs.

The World Cup might be over, but the memories and emotions it evokes will live on for years to come. For England fans, this tournament was a rollercoaster of emotions, from the highs of victory to the lows of defeat. But through it all, they remained passionate and loyal, as true supporters should. So here’s to England and their fans – may they continue to inspire and excite us in the years to come!

Source: LadBible