Ed Sheeran, the popular English singer and songwriter, is no stranger to being accused of plagiarism. He has faced multiple lawsuits in the past, and now he is in the middle of yet another one. The current case is over his hit song „Thinking Out Loud,” which is alleged to have similarities with Marvin Gaye’s „Let’s Get It On.” In this article, we will discuss how Ed Sheeran defended himself in the plagiarism trial and why he believes he is innocent.

Ed Sheeran’s Groove: ‘Let’s Get It On’ Performance

During the trial, Ed Sheeran took the stand and performed a stripped-down version of „Let’s Get It On” and „Thinking Out Loud” to demonstrate the difference between the two songs. He played the guitar and sang live, showing off his skills as a musician. Ed Sheeran argued that the chord progression in „Thinking Out Loud” was common and had been used in many other songs before. He also claimed that the similarities between the two songs were not substantial enough to be considered plagiarism.

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Defends itself in Plagiarism Trial with Jammin’ Riffs!

Ed Sheeran’s defense team brought in musicologists to analyze the two songs and provide expert testimony on the matter. They argued that the only similarities between the two songs were in the genre, feel, and theme, which were not enough to prove copyright infringement. Furthermore, according to the defense, the similarities were not unique to „Let’s Get It On” and „Thinking Out Loud” but were common in many other songs in the same genre.

In conclusion, the court’s decision is still pending, but Ed Sheeran remains hopeful and optimistic. He has strongly defended himself and believes that he has done nothing wrong. Ed Sheeran is known for his incredible talent and creativity, and it is unlikely that he would intentionally plagiarize someone else’s work. Whatever the outcome of the trial might be, Ed Sheeran’s fans will continue to enjoy his music and appreciate his unique style.

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