Mankind has always been searching for solutions in order to counteract different alarming situations that we are put through every day. People invented a lot of stuff that is supposed to protect us from floods, earthquakes and other dangerous natural phenomenons.

Now, two Chinese designers invented The Duckweed Survival House. Its purpose is to protect people in case of floods and tsunami. The Duckweed Survival House is a floating emergency shelter designed to elevate survival rates and assist with rescues in disaster situations. The target category is people living near coasts, in areas where tsunamis are a common thing (like Japan).

The capsule is designed to remain upright regardless of the surface it’s on. Thanks to a built-in high-pressure carbon dioxide gas chamber it can be instantly inflated. The floating shelter has an air vent on the roof that lets the fresh air enter inside. Also, there is an underwater stem that contains the gas tank at its base, the main function of it being stabilizing the capsule. A reverse osmosis film near the base of the stem admits and converts seawater to fresh drinking water, which the passengers can access through an inlet in the floor. This greatly improves the survival chances of people in need.

Additionally, the fluorescent color of the Duckweed Survival House allows rescuers to identify the housing more easily, even at night. Its features allow the owners to modify the floating shelter so that it can be attached to other Duckweed Survival Houses to form a cluster and stay with your group.

Moreover, the Duckweed Survival House won the 2015 Red Dot award, an award given to top international designs of the year. It is said to be the perfect safety raft for any person living near water, helping them to stay alive, hydrated and dry, while confronting major disasters.