Dress Like Your Favorite Male Celebrity
Eddie Redmayne, Hollywood’s latest celeb fashionisto

Women are not the only ones that look to stars to help them figure out what to wear. These days, men have jumped into the fashion realm in a big way, with a new crew of men in entertainment, sports, and beyond helping The Average Joe find his style slot. Whatever your personal aesthetic may be, there is someone in the mainstream media that can be used as a guide to maintain and/or elevate your style.

Idris Elba
Idris, shaken, not stirred

Idris Elba

Not only is he considered one of the most talented actors in Hollywood, but Idris Elba is also noted for his cool and elegant style when it comes to his wardrobe. Whether dressed up in suits tailored to perfection on the red carpet or hitting the concrete jungles in chinos and fedoras, there has yet to be a moment when Elba didn’t achieve a look that most men wouldn’t mind calling their own. If Idris is indeed the next James Bond, his personal style already matches that of the super spy.


Jon Hamm

He is synonymous with wearing classic tailored suits both on the television screen and on red carpets, but Jon Hamm’s character on Mad Men, Don Draper, is the epitome of class and distinction, a trait which carries over into the actor’s personal aesthetic. For men that want to achieve a look that is timeless, impeccable tailoring and attention to the finest in accessories is an absolute must. If there was ever an era that exuded this best in fashion, it was the 60s, which poses the question: did the 60s ever truly leave or have they simply made a resurgence in importance over the years? Whatever the answer is, you simply cannot go wrong with this look.

Dress Like Your Favorite Male Celebrity
build a style ‘Empire’

Terrence Howard

If your preferred look is calm, cool, and collected, then Terrence Howard may be just the man to emulate when it comes to your wardrobe. Mixing urban chic with classic pin-striped suits, fedoras, and flashy hues, Howard knows his way around a look and is never scared to showcase his personality through his clothes. Any man that chooses this path must be bold and unafraid of incorporating a new trend into his closet. What Terrence Howard has shown is that researching and curating fashion can pay off in huge dividends, making him one of the most respected male celebrities when it comes to fashion savvy.

Dress Like Your Favorite Male Celebrity

David Beckham

Many know him as a soccer phenom, others know him as a model, and then there are those that simply know him for his sense of style. However you have come to know David Beckham, the fact remains that he is unforgettable. Regularly listed as one of the world’s most stylish men, Beckham has made a second career out of fashion, with his own collection of clothes available in stores. What many note in his personal sense of style is the versatility of his choices. Even when dressed down in jeans, David Beckham still manages to add a dash of class to the look in a tailored jacket and a great pair of boots or sneakers. For formal occasions, he is known to go all out, many times opting for a three piece suit, an ascot, or tuxedo that is fit perfectly to his frame. Beckham understands it is the little things that make a great impact. Men should note that the art of dress is a celebration and the right look can make the type of impression that leaves audiences breathless. Follow David Beckham’s lead and score a hat trick every time.

Final Tips

Men that want to look their best have far more options out there to consider and should research before deciding on which star’s look may translate well with their frame, sense of adventure, and style trajectory. Since your clothes are an extension of you, opt for inspiration from celebrities that realistically fit your goals. At the end of the day, the best way to ensure victory is to take charge of your look, own it through and through, and when necessary, step confidently outside your style box.



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