Here at Hispotion we promote a healthy lifestyle. It feels and looks good to workout, and the prize is a great body shape. However, we all know it is anything but easy. First of all, it is difficult to fit a proper workout routine within a busy schedule. Long office hours tend to have a major impact on your stamina, draining you of the power to go to the gym and spend one hour working out.

Thankfully, there are various gadgets that aid in reducing the time needed to work out, especially by bringing the gym to you. It’s the case of DoubleFlex. On one hand, it’s rather small. On the other, it promises to deliver big. DoubleFlex is based on a NASA patented technology, designed to keep astronauts in shape during long weeks on space stations.

It features a system of resistance pulleys and bearings which allow for many workout variations, without using weights. This portable gym encapsulates 5lb steps of resistance, up to 25lbs. Fortunately, you won’t feel actual weight pulling down.

Furthermore, given its small size, DoubleFlex fits in a bag you can carry around. If you don’t mind coworkers shooting glances, you may take a 5 minute workout during lunch break. The integrated Bluetooth system pairs with Oyo fitness app and records weights and reps.

Finally, there are a few bits to remember. Any workout is better than no workout. However, to get yourself a nice, lean body, proper alimentation is critical. Also, learn how to exercise correctly without injuring or overtraining.

You can support DoubleFlex campaign here.