If you’re looking to increase your productivity a work, we have something for you! The award-winning Philips P-line Two-in-One LCD Monitor is what you need!

Research has found that having dual monitors increase productivity and reduce errors! In other words, such a monitor will help you multitask better, compare information or documents faster, and much more!

The Two-in-One LCD Monitor from Philips has a light footprint and, thus, it helps you clear the space on your desk! Its ultra-thin border does not only minimize distractions, but also allows you to combine with no effort the two displays into one large display! The sleek stand offer a maximum height of 130 mm that can be adjusted to attain ultimate productivity.


By using the latest technology panels, Philips comes with a new generation of monitors with a minimalistic design. The Two-in-One Monitor has a display specially designed to maximize the viewing size! It’s specially suited for multi-display or tiling (gaming, graphic design and other professional applications). The advanced AH-IPS display makes it possible to view from any angle and, unlike standard TN panels, the image is considerably more clear!

Philips acomes with a flicker-free technology which regulates the brightness of the screen and reduces flicker for a more comfortable viewing! The shown content is also analyzed with a leading edge technology (SmartImage) that optimizes the performance of the display.

The reading experience is also better on a Two-in-One Monitor due to the SmartTxt algorithm which improves reading of text based applications (PDF, ebooks) which usually require more focus. The color extension technology (SmartKolor) is another great thing about this dual monitor and it is made to enhance the visual color range of the display.

The Two-in-One Monitor is easy to connect, too! It comes with a 4 port USB Hub, a mobile audio/video interface for directly connecting portable devices (MHL), HDMI and VGA connections, and DisplayPort. Thus, it proves to be a really smart investment!