So Freshly Traditional

Discommon is a California based young team of do-ers. Yes, exactly that, they basically do things that they feel are cool just because they feel it. It’s so simple, that it is¬†hard to explain, but I guess the name should reveal most of their intentions. They join forces with designers from all fields of expertise, be it super yachts or sunglasses. The results are awesome and don’t need too much presentation. What needs presenting is their latest project our eyes have crossed. It’s called the straight razor and is 100% discommon.

All men need to know how to shave, but real men know how to use a metal razor. Specifically, aluminum. This time, the main collaboration was with Hart Steel who came with the custom blade profile. The handles, made by Discommon, make up for the other half of the collab, a freshly yet traditionally looking one. Aerospace grade aluminum was used to craft these beauties.

Get Straight Razor-ed

Why going for the Straight Razor by Discommon instead of a generic metal made razor? Easy. Because each and every day you wake up and go shave, you want to do it the right way. When I look at this razor, this is what it inspires to me. Shaving done right. So, the product might be a razor, but I like to call it a manly accessory.

The process of creating one of these is complex and blends technicalities with passion. A micro texture is laid over the surface, giving grip in wet conditions. Something around three hours are needed for both scales. The finished parts are then de-tabbed, manually polished and finally anodized with a gunmetal color. Apparently, all the steps take place in California. They also realized the custom leather and felt carry case for you to enjoy. Order yours as quickly as possible, before they put their minds onto creating something else. And for details, check their website.


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