[adsense300gray]Let’s talk a little about a company called Diemme Footwear. I bet you did not know that Diemme is an universal dish, a cosmopolite company. What I’m trying to say is that Diemme’s Black Kevlar Roccia Vet Boot is the love child of an Italian footwear manufacturer (Calzaturificio Diemme, how about THAT for a name!), a Norwegian design company (Blender Agency, I bet they make great cocktails!), a Japanese design/sales company(GMT Tokyo) and a Swedish distributor (MnO International).

It’s kind of weird, I used to think that shoes are not something that requires an intercontinental¬†joint venture, but I am wrong, as you can see for yourself. Four companies from 2 continents joined forces and produced a one of a kind footwear, with a cool name : Diemme’s Black Kevlar Roccia Vet Boot. It’s hard to remember all these names, but the boots themselves are pretty cool. They are made in Italy, at Diemme’s factory in Montebelluna and they are following the 20 years tradition of Diemme’s in manufacturing trekking, hunting, mountaineering and military boots. They have a Kevlar-look on the outside, as ¬†they are made of Schoeller-Keprotec fabric, a material developed and used in motor-sports and it is basically a high-tensile aramide fiber just like good-old bulletproof Kevlar, hence the name. And, hence the price : $533 for a pair of boots. Good luck, have fun!