[adsense300gray]If you’re not into electronic music, Daft Punk, the French electronic music group, probably isn’t anything of a great interest to you, but if you usually listen to house and you’re also enjoying their work, you might be interested in the special edition of their latest album, Random Access Memories. The duo is unique, known for their remarkable shows and for the fact that they use disguises for resembling with robots during performances or in public.

With these being said, you should expect that their latest album doesn’t come like any other one. For those of you who claim to be true fans, the Deluxe Box Set edition of the latest album should be like candy for a kid. The set holds inside the album, of course, which comes in the shape of a 180 grams double vinyl with gold and silver foil labels. An 8-page booklet with credits, album art and lyrics also joins the party, along with a 56-page photobook with pictures from the sessions and film shoots, 2 robot design schematic posters, a 10-inch vinyl that contains an interview with Giorgio Moroder, a 70-mm filmstrip that holds 5 sequential frames from the dailies for the “Lose Yourself to Dance” video and a couple of gold and silver plated USB drives which hold some high-quality audio and video files.

If you’re a true fan, $275 should be a reasonable price for this basket full of goodies.

Random Access Memories  Deluxe Box Set Edition 2

Random Access Memories  Deluxe Box Set Edition