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Clear Speakers for your Living Room

Hypothetical statement, if you clicked on this link, you must in the market for new speakers. If that’s the case, or soon to be, you need a set of speakers that tie the room together as well as the last pair. Regardless of how your color scheme or style works, what fits in with every room? Glass of course! Except for in an entirely glass house (which would be redundant), glass tends to match with just about anything you need it to.

So what you need then, is glass speakers! The OneClassic Speakers, designed by ONEaudio, were an interesting addition to KickStarter! Their campaign started with a goal of $35,000, and at the time of this writing has a pledged amount of $61,572. So by popular demand, they are in production now and will soon be on the market!

One of the big goals for these speakers, was to help immerse the listener into their movie or music or whatever it is that the speakers are being used for. Giving people that wall of sound is key when developing speakers nowadays. So they tackled that problem by developing synchronizations (A process in which the speaker re-delegate all the correct sound to the correct speakers) every 100 milliseconds. This gives them the ability to avoid sound collision, a process in which the sounds from speakers are getting their own way, as they aren’t synchronizing and adapting for the best sound quality.

But the best part of these speakers, is their affordable price. ONEaudio wanted to create a high quality speaker that was affordable, on almost any budget!

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