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Gillette‘s new Fusion ProShield is the new boy on the block. I picked these up from our local Sam’s Club, which offer a deluxe pack of the shaver plus 9 heads. So that should last around 9 months. It’s supposed to offer advanced lubrication on the skin – so I’ve decided to put it to the test. I usually don’t like shaving clean with a blade, as my skin doesn’t always react well. This is going to be a tough test added to the fact that I haven’t shaved in several weeks. Let’s see how it went down against my mighty thick beard.


Here you can see the product itself: the razor and the additional heads.

Let’s get started, here’s the “before” picture, to give you a sense on what we’re up against. It’s pretty wild, might need to trim it down a bit before using the razor.


So first I’ve trimmed the mighty beard a little, so it will be easier to blade. Then applied some standard shaving cream, not sure which brand. When playing around with the blade, I started to notice that the head of the Gillette Fusion ProShield is movable and adjustable almost to all directions. This can be very useful to hit the nooks and crannies on the face, you’ll see it come to action more below.

Shaving Cream

This isn’t my first shave, so I’m used to the drill. I’m already ready for the fun that comes with the experience: some blood and redness (my skin is super sensitive). Now that we’re excited let’s get ready for the big moment…here it goes! The first shave move was very smooth. It didn’t hurt and did a great job creating clear skin for me, which usually doesn’t happen. The lubrication the blade provided before and after the blades was awesome and reduced the “friction” I usually feel. It actually calmed the skin post-shave and gave a lot more smoothness than usually.

So I’m halfway into the shave and so far – no blood, no redness, that’s amazing! Usually never happens, this is by far one of the more sensitive blades I’ve used. Keep in mind I had a few month old beard over there before I shaved. The peeved head helped me to clean up my mustache under the nose, those the other hard-to-get places.

Almost done, wow, I can see the bare skin for the first time in months. I’m now starting to remember how professional-like I look after a clean shave, sweet! Its starting to look very fresh. I’m really surprised by how smooth of a ride it was compared to previous shaves. I can imagine doing this every few days.

After Shave

Well that’s it about it, above you can see the final result image and how it all came out. I’m really impressed and was expecting much less. I would recommend this blade to anyone who wants to look fresh or works at an office like me. Now found a blade I can use daily and can deliver a flawless shave.

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Written by Idan Abada


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