Get Ready, Britain: The April Pink Moon is Coming!

Are you ready to see something truly magical this week? Then gear up because the April Pink Moon is said to grace the skies of Britain soon, and if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of it. This celestial event occurs every year and is a sight to behold. So, if you’re planning to witness this rare beauty, here’s everything you need to know.

Grab Your Binoculars: How to Spot the Pink Moon in the UK

First things first, what is a Pink Moon? As the name suggests, it’s not actually pink but named after the pink phlox flowers that bloom in early spring. The Pink Moon is the first full moon of the spring season, and this year it will be visible on the night of 27th April.

To spot the Pink Moon, you’ll need to find a location with a clear sky view, preferably away from light pollution. Check for the moonrise and moonset timings in your area and head out a little before the full moon rises. You can use binoculars or a telescope to get a closer look, but even without them, it’s a breathtaking sight.

The best time to view the moon is when it’s closer to the horizon. When the moon is low on the horizon, it appears larger and has a warm, golden glow. As the moon rises higher, it appears smaller and brighter, but the view is still worth it.

The April Pink Moon is an awe-inspiring event that you wouldn’t want to miss. So, mark your calendars and make sure to catch a glimpse of this beautiful celestial phenomenon. Remember, patience is key when it comes to moon gazing, so be ready to spend a few minutes soaking in the beauty of the Pink Moon. Happy moon gazing!

Source: LadBible