Finding the perfect gifts around Christmas can prove to be the final test, an ultimate challenge for a man. First, you need to fit everyone in the list, make sure you don’t forget someone who was so creative for your birthday present. Right, creativity comes next, as repeated ideas can revolve around your imagination making the task even harder.

Finally, let’s not forget the budget. This is a sector which also needs to be addressed, spending wise is the best thing you can do. People like expensive presents, but they don’t like people not responsible for their actions. Make sure your general budget doesn’t become an issue this time of year by cheking the list of tips we got prepared for you.

1. Gift Creatively


Find the things people get touched by. Every person has a soft spot, a guilty pleasure, something they collect or something they enjoy looking at or eating. A lot of times those things are not too expensive, you will learn soon that spending time thinking creative can save big cash. So get creative, understand that the wants are different from the needs and great ideas will flow.

2. Split The Budget Into Slices


Make strict budgetary sectors and stick to them using rules to follow. For example, make sure you do not spend more than x percent of your household annual income on holiday gifts, entertainment, food and drinks and so on. Like this, you avoid reckless spendings, most of the times useless in the beginning anyway.

3. Cut down Christmas Tree Costs


For many, including myself, the Christmas tree is the main symbol of the holidays. But they can get expensive and harmful to the environment. It’s time to be creative here as well, think of ways to re-purpose things you already have and give them a new meaning. The internet is full of pictures of book-made Christmas “trees”.

4. Use Online Shopping

By shopping online, you cut down on the expenditures list. Many times, shipping is cheaper than the difference retail shops put in the price tag to cover for their rent, the wages of the staff or other things like that. Also, it’s more comfortable. You can now focus your attention on other things while waiting for them to arrive.

5. Shop Early


For example, the vacation you wanted overseas. Book everything now for the next winter. It’s not only cheaper, but wiser. Planning ahead is a trait of responsible people, and probably the time for you to become one is here. On the other hand, shopping at the last minute, is, of course, way more expensive.

6. Handmade In The Right Name

Explore and exploit your talents. I know how many of you think: “I cannot do anything, I don’t know how and I don’t like it”. Well, surprise or not, the most dear ones adore handmade gifts. It’s a way of expressing how much you care for them, how much you spend thinking about them. Cook something, craft something out of a little piece of wood. Put your imagination to work, feel more and spend less.

7. Scan For The Perfect Deal


When looking to buy something around this time of year, make sure you get the best deal there is. Compare between shops, browse the web for a cheaper alternative and don’t do compulsive shopping. The decorations, the new furniture, that new tv or smartphone, they all should fall under this same category. Like this, you will never be uncovered.

Bonus tip: No-Cost Giving Back

Never forget there are less fortunate ones out there. Like you, they need presents, affection and attention. Look in your closet to find what you don’t need and they might find useful. Let your kids to the same and educate them in this spirit. Helping others is free of charge.





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